Allergies/ Fragrance Sensitivity

Soy Candles & Melts are great for those who are sensitive or allergic to fragrances. Read below.......

  Who doesn’t love the soothing flicker and warm scent of a candle burning in their home? or the scent of melts in your wax melters? Unfortunately, for people with allergies or sensitivities, candles may trigger headaches, fatigue, nausea, itchy eyes, sneezing, and coughing. Even if you don’t have these reactions, you should be aware that the candles you use could be polluting your home with unsafe chemicals. The good news is that by selecting the right type of candle or melts, you can enjoy this small luxury without any health risks.

The most health-friendly candles & melts  are those made with 100% Soy Wax & Dye Free. These are more expensive, but much safer than paraffin candles because they burn clean.

Purchasing locally hand made & dye free soy candles like the ones from Weeping Crow Candles & Tarts  will hopefully allow you to enjoy the simple luxury of a candle or melt without compromising your well-being. Whether you want to eliminate odors or add a lovely fragrance to your home, steer clear of paraffin candles, air fresheners, and strong artificial scents.

Give Weeping Crow Candles & Tarts a try today, what do you have to lose?  


Sara Ross - says

"LOVE IT! In the past 25 years, I have not been able to use any wax warmers or candles because my husband is extremely sensitive to burning candles. I started with the Vanilla wax melts and he never knew I had the warmer on! Vanilla candles were never my favorite but this one smells good! Will definitely buy again. Venturing out to the other scents now!"

Victoria Miles. writes to say-  " These wax melts smell absolutely fabulous and are perfect for people with allergies. They smell authentic to the advertised scent, not fake or synthetic. I get loads of compliments on how nice my home and office smell!"


Christy Shoemake.  writes to say- "My boyfriend has horrible allergies to candles and tarts so I decided to try these and so far they are working great! And the smell is amazing. The candles also last much longer then the other kind. Also the owners always hand write a thank you on my order they are so nice. I will be ordering more. Love them! ❤️"

Traci B. writes to say-  FRAGRANCE ALLERGY SUFFERER IS IN LOVE WITH THESE!  I can't have traditional candles due to synthetic fragrances. These candles smell amazing and do not affect my allergies!

-Sally W. writes to say-- "Three hours in, and no headache! So happy to have found a natural wax tart that I am not sensitive to! By the way, Drunkin' Pumpkin is AMAZING! Thanks for a fantastic tart Andrea!"

-Mary Musselman-  writes to say......."My son suffers from chronic asthma and I was nervous at first on these but oh my goodness I am blown away. Oh my where do I begin??? My son has severe anxiety and asthma..... Andrea has made the sprays and wax melts of lavender and chamomile...... My home went from total chaos to complete relaxation and no asthma attacks..... My son will tell you very quickly that Andrea puts alot of time and love into making her candles..... pretty sure our corgi will tell ya the same because every time I spray the lavender he always seems to relax and fall asleep lol You will NOT be disappointed with these melts or candles. I am addicted and will continue to order".

-Kala N- says” I was very excited to find a business that used soy wax and conscientious of people with fragrance allergies and sensitivities. I received my wax melts order very quickly and also received a free gift with it. The Blueberry Cheesecake wax melts smell heavenly! I had to put them in my warmer right away. <3“

-Sarah Ellen - writes to say... "I have been searching for a candle that delights my nose without turning it into a never-ending sneeze machine. THANK YOU for creating that candle. I am in love with these and will continue to order them even though I live hundreds of miles away!

- Hillery Wragge- says "I ordered these on whim hoping they wouldn’t trigger breathing and sneezing issues. Just got them today in the mail and started burning one of the candles. I LOVE it! Such good smell and no sneezing so far. Thank you and I will have to order more soon all the way from AZ!"
-Phoebe Y- Says "Thank you so much for these candles! This is now my second purchase from you, and I am so excited to have found a candle that does not trigger my asthma. I can't wait to smell them all <3"